The famous toothpaste diet is finally here!

Lose weight one brush at a time with the amazing tooth paste dietary programme.

It's free - it's not even the slightest bit complicated, and it's a truly achievable way of losing weight.

What is the toothpaste diet?

The toothpaste diet forces your body to reduce the number of calories it wants to consume within any given day. By taking in fewer calories than your body burns, you will lose weight.
(Remember, do not eat your toothpaste - it is toxic and can cause serious harm when taken in large quantities. Only ever use toothpaste as an aid to brushing, and always spit out the toothpaste when brushing is complete.)

All you need to do is brush your teeth whenever you feel the need to eat outside of a normal meal.

How the tooth paste diet actually works

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Toothpaste diet - lose weight healthily

How does the diet work?

The aim of the toothpaste diet is to make you get thinner by stopping you from over eating. Simple!

  • it reduces hunger pangs
  • it helps give more time for the stomach to register food
  • it satisfies sweet urges
  • it takes your mind away from eating
  • it helps you maintain healthy teeth!